Christmas is here! Well, very nearly . . .

Entertainment has to be the most important factor for a successful company event. If you haven’t finalised your plans yet, call Spencer now to secure your booking for THE entertainer to guarantee your party is a success.

Anyone on this page already knows some of the benefits of holding a company Christmas party. Here’s a reminder of the five most important ones:

  1. Entertaining your staff at Christmas will see them return the favour over the next year, in motivation, loyalty and staff retention
  2. An event at the end of the year provides an excellent opportunity to reiterate key company messages, recognition awards and plans for the year ahead
  3. There are tax benefits to hosting a Christmas event!
  4. Christmas parties encourage management and staff to mingle outside of their normal work setting, and at the most positive point of the year
  5. Incorporating fun into your event strengthens team dynamics

The Perfect Christmas Entertainment

Spencer Wood will make your Christmas party the one that everyone remembers. He will make sure all your employees feel special and appreciated. He will interact on all levels, including directors and board members, bringing your workforce together to focus on your key objectives.

No company event is too big! If you will have 120+ guests, Spencer will provide a fantastic double-act, working with his business partner to provide some magical Christmas entertainment.

Call Spencer now if you want to experience

  • Groups of people, all letting their hair down and having fun together
  • A superb blend of fun, comedy and magical entertainment
  • Your most successful Christmas party to date. That’s guaranteed.